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Deframe Bookcase

Deframe is a bookcase in which the sides, back and shelves are geometric compositions obtained by laser cutting solid metal sheets. The welding of the parts is done by hand. The bookcase is completed with leather hide shelf top, supplied on request. Deframe is available in two different widths of 130 and 65 cm. It has a depth of 35 cm and is 180 cm high. The leather hide shelf tops measure 31.5×33.9 cm. In the photo the bookcase has a “Focara iron” finish but can also be made with a “taranta iron” finish These are ancient metal finishing techniques obtained with the use of natural materials such as ruthenium salts and plum vinegar. The surfaces treated in this way create unrepeatable textures. The design object becomes a unique and exclusive work of art. For the outdoors, four colors / finishes are available, including bronze metal. Designed by Luca Casini for Daa Italia.

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Libreria contemporanea Deframe