FLUXO minimalist table

Fluxo Table

designed by Luca Casini for Pedrali

Fluxo has a minimalist and rational geometry. The legs are generated from a very low point of the stem, and expand outwards with continuity and fluidity, almost parallel to the floor. The upper surface of each leg arises from a portion of the circular section of the stem, an arc that determines the decreasing convexity of the surface of the leg to its almost flat end. Fluxo leaves ample room for leg movement under the table top. It is available in three or four legs versions, and in various heights. Basically, in addition to the standard size of about 73 cm, it can be ordered in the “tall” (about 110 cm) and “low” (50 cm) version. The base can be combined with circular or square tops and with materials such as glass, marble, wood, sheet metal, laminates, polyethylene and many others. There are therefore many combinations of materials for the tops to be chosen in combination with the various finishes for the base; a very rich palette available to architects to be able to place Fluxo in any type of environment and context. It has been used to furnish domestic environments, restaurants, hotels, bars and dehors.

related to : Pedrali –  Product Design Studio

Fluxo contemporary coffee table
Fluxo bar tall table
Fluxo Table
Fluxo contemporary table